the you in you


What do I have to surrender further?
What do I have to receive more?
Nay I possess what you think,
And nay I offer what you need..

I am null, I am lull, I am NIL,
I am a point, a dot, a miniscule,
I am abound, around, aloft, aloud,
I am the space, vacuum, expanse, cosmos[/i..

I am what you cannot hold,
I am what you cannot imagine,
I am what you would like to forego,
I am what you would like to forget,
I am what you would still like to obtain,
I am what you would still like to sustain,
I am the one evading all your grasps,
I am the one eluding all your dreams,
I am the one clasping your hands in the dark,
I am the one whose footmark you ever follow.

Give and take is the ruling policy?
For what? To get more and more?
Or to safely lose, if at all, less and less?
Give a gap to this endless desire, will you?
Take a breath in this succumbing death-race..

Now, don’t raise your brows in pretentious perplexion!

Just sit plain in the plane, don’t rise like hell of a mountain,
Just hold your stay against those sudden bottoms of sunken valleys,

You are what you are made of- those humble thoughts,
Those goodwill feelings shared, those tiny services done,
Those innumerable battles and wins against inner demons ,
Those simple outlook blinding those complex sophistications,
Zillion positrons of hard-core love ,love and only love flowing,
Filling your inner cavity with self-less purity, power of creativity!

Set worldly priorities? Now what are those they preach you daily?
Acquiring the plotted motherly earth, grabbing land till no endpoint?
Showing tremendously credited balance for countless future generations?
No doubt! You are in oddity as you tread against these set parametric waves,
Still… walk , pierce, punch and tear inside those shameless media of destructivity,
Stand alone, swallow and swim against these onslaught of consuming direct currents,
Insulate against these ephemeral pleasures of rapidly passing devils of conductivity..

Cry out, try out, get ripped till you innervate your core, each struggle is sheer SURVIVAL,
Hard-earned life full of trials and tribulations, you and me ever in unison, never a BETRAYAL.


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