On the verge



Where am I ? Dropped here to die?
Have I been hanging on here for years?
What’s this place? Suicidal point of the last human?
It feels like the earth’s boundary…or a new territory?
I stand alone in this pointed cliff top,
Only my feet fitting in that space of place,
Left out to live ,or may be probably, to die..
With four options-those quadratic equations!
Dive in or fly up the parachutes which I do have,
Into those unfathomed blues of ocean or the skies…
Or try those death defying acts of jumping or sliding,
all across the rough cliff terrain, to land or never at all..
In that speculated brown amicable earth, spotted far down!
Or left to gasping for breath and finally, death…
in slapping blows of severe chilling atmosphere.
Whatever it is…I take the stepforward now.
this initiation is for the closure…a life’s full-stop.
Or take it this way better, a positive perception…
As I always say, END.Is the Beginning……


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