A Date with JUJUBA



A fine memorabilia struck me a couple of days back,
So nice happening it was and sure, hard to forget!
My eyes sighted them- those childhood days’ relish,
Finely flattened pack of sour ‘n’ spicy jujube cake,
A seasoned country-side fruit preserve, all natural!

Let me inward spiral my memory into its tasty history,
Selective soft ‘n’ fleshy, caramel-red ripened berries-
Crushed pasty smooth with stony seeds to feel gritty,
Punch of powdered red hot chillies with a dash of salt,
And hey, forgot to mention this nobody’s-foe, asafoetida!

Now, you get that perfect base for a long-lingering taste,
All well sun-dried to a great recipe so simple ‘n’authentic,
Its my Dad who got that pack, guess for whom he got that?
Not for his four little grandchildren fluttering here’n’there,
Got to hear from him those heartening’n’lovely words-
Its for my Mom, whose favourite was this savoury of jujube.

I was in awe, a chapter of light ‘n’revelation so profound,
Little did he say, yet so massive ‘n’meaningful grasp I took ,
Lifetime lesson it was meant to be to this solitude life-passenger,
Would those trolleys of mall origin ‘freezer-stacked obsessions-
those serotonin-raising bars of dark ‘n’mellowed chocolates,
Ever equal this cottage-made yet genuine ‘n’simple crunches..
Would ever the loneliness of treading alone in many a singled lives,
Be equal to this togetherness of their bonded love so young n lasting?
Loaded ‘n’loaded in heart and mind, I came out of my lively hometown.

Now again in the jungled metro-apartment, I sat down to fight out myself,
My destined eternality pacifying – the duo all I have is my life ‘n’ my love ..


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