an existence


Strip off one by one, not an option but destined to few,
Indifferent veil of ‘graced’ vengeance wrapped around,
A partnered skin once you added intimate, precariously?
That which smiled generous doses of lethality,
Went on and on..exercised unquestioned,
Licensed to be a haustarioum clasp unchallenged,
Spiralled rings over your tenderized reds of neck,
Paraded army right on your back with a stealth mission..

Throw those material guards that you lined up-
a junk of ‘bare’ un-necesseties of undependables,
Eased to be a reason-less addictive, now nevermore..
Trapful currency flow of a dam of plasticized liquidity,
All but it drains into the infinitely taxing crocodile jaws-
typical teaser of time, a life-time pinch or a punch?
Skinned off by termites of manipulated booming nexus,
Or dramatic crashing sensex, tempted to a malady of self-parody..

Ripped off not the inner, roots that sturdy more now it holds,
Pronounced survival in adversity, pithy and a desiccated beauty ,
A naked sketetal rib cage left out, yet free not caged within any,
Long forgotton history are the mere mortal hugs-a deleted chapter,
Beware wolverine mindscapes in search of honest heartmeats!
Featured now -trenches of sudden hollows, unpadded muscle-less,
Points protrude sharp, uneasy bends spread across one cannot traverse,
A detached proposition is this outward hanging disposition of an expanse..

Wear it in hearts to walk along , or shear yourself if you try to tear,
Jar it or not folks, for its more a compelling repelling rebel if you slave,
A rival if you kindle playful, a crucified noble revolutionized in each sense.


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