Unstring those chained pearls,
Unthread their frictional holds,
Undo their constricting touches..

Like an un-miffed wild stream rolling down ,
With gleeful thumps of little childish bounces ,
Scatter wayward unguided yet self-minded..
Dissipate its reflective freedom rays of tiny glares.

Why should it be worldly “moral-policed” to a chained
convergence on a pointless point of caged illusion ?

Those mirage of —
defined “unknown” secured-ness,
“untouched” ace of perfected success,
prideful sky of “unfelt” solidarity..
They were never there at all–
with a housed-warmth of wall ,
an assumption of a safe horizon,
a presumption of a limited vision ..

Finer than fibres of air,
these life-thread spinning realization
felt at the pearl’s core,
Do you feel this?

Each time you hatched out
whiteness of purity ,
reds of worsened bleeding
never did you let it drop at them ,
your labour of rainbow fruition
labeled in each curvy sparkle,
humiliated tenure of incubation
you had borne to twinkle ,
Decades of deep diving spent
to unearth what you now hold..

Countable treasures are they not ..
Untie them , let them make you
relearn ..or may be unlearn ?

Unexplored shores are your quest,
You need to form countless untiring tides ,
Count not in pride those sea-shells like
the sedentary lavished existence of a beach.

Exposed and vulnerable, raring surface
of an experimental mind is this
curious pearl, each counts to eternity !
Cannot have exact co-ordinates to locate,
Still re-instates your glory to a limitless space..

Unstring those chained pearls ,
Unthread their frictional holds,
Undo their constricting touches..


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