Pain of Truth


How beautiful life-pain or the worst death-trauma is it?
An intense glare or blinded invisibilty is it??
Incomprehensible or an easily flying thought is it?
Scenes of those blackened wall across the same battered
lane I dwell or just taken dead am I ?
Illegibly scribbled with ghostly white glow,
those arty scripts- fate or an after-life account is it ?
Trotting blinded in the bland street of soul-less smell
or is it sickening smell of sarcastic corpses ?
Nailed fingers from nowhere blocking senses to a pained silence
or am I numbed senseless to a rigoured pile of immovable muscle?
An extremity of a lifetime pain can this heart bear, fate of truth it is!
Not a delicate death of fakeness, in decorated hands of deceptive hell ….


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