This is a story take on my Fav Poet, William Butler Yeat’s quote,

“All empty souls tend toward extreme opinions”


What’s that deep-nailing metallic pitches steeping steady ?
Rapping riot of over-lapping musical mish-mash pouring in,
Ahh! Eyes and heart flip- out at your magical mid-air juggle
And squeaks happy note a little as you crash-land and topple!

Still you look dashing of an unabated princely genetic charm ,
With a shearing shrill you tumbled , giving off steaming waves ,
touching abrasive surface gentle enough to cause heart-pierce ,
No dents or vents , you roll down to my hands crimson-fresh !

Sliding from a cosmic whirlpool to my humble land of earth,
Waiting in spread-out gaze is this Gaia in ancients of silence,
Humility my bearing, breakthrough tryst now that we just met,
Wide vast land a mere deserted look ,my inner greens unnoticed..

Tanjore golden carved exterior, a priceless relic outlook in glimpse,
Visage not a catch for my search, it’s your inner fluid distilled pureness,
Sublimed air compressed invisible, gentle flows and brims you dance,
Mind eyes emanates waves of heart , I can well sense your love’s fullness!

Empty not either you my valiant vase or my stretches of barren land,
Vanity’s crowd of inherited greed claims rotten statistics of figured facts,
All their nose-dived opinions desirous of breaks and voids in you and me,
Extremities of end, a tragic no-land with your broken shards , are their wants!

Stammers of your journey gets a happy jolt with my hammering fills inside ,
Dosage of growing fertility is this moistened soil added with scarlet worms,
Holy wrigglers breathes out spaces where my softened granules and you fuses,
Holding together parts of me is your engaging cavity, nay we are empty souls!


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