Infinite love blossoms
in our MAAYA of mind gardens ,

Shooting out passionate JUGNUs
of mutual deep heart crater-ing ,

Just the smell of your sight makes
me in a deep enchanting trance ,

Like an ageless RISHI’s graceful dance
in a hyper-cosmic hypnotic nod,

Hymning are my lips subconsciously
only your truthful NAAMAH,

Chanting in chorus , hear my cellular
anthem of our sacred PREMA,

Sacred BRAHMINI scriptures are these
engraved verses , our life’s ARTHA,

Purpose of the very ME is YOU, It’s
OUR MOKSHA- a liberating realization,

Purpose of the very YOU is ME , It’s OUR
SOOKSHMA-a truthful yet subtle revelation.

Words instilled by KALI, this SHAKTHI writes now..
All I ever know is YOU –OM NAMAH SHIVAYA!

P.S. Usage of Sanskrit Words sought to add the spiritual touch true to the theme.


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