She dreamt of his whirlpool pull of magnetic eyes,
In the deep-secrets of his arms of looming darkness,
Massive fire is just his touch of finger nail tip, lighting
Her longing tendril hip in naked wait of a love-wick,
Drooping down like an yielding fall of a sappy creeper,
Tapping down those igneous blocks of her hidden desires,
Dripping herself in pleated ductile waves of molten pleasures,
Settling hard as shyness ripples on his shores of memoir grips,
Slender hungry candle losing form, gains fullness in nullness!
Relentless volcanic bearing-Vesuvius is her plasmic Venus-heart,
Martian-redness he migrates daily doses of quenching hotness,
Her infinite left-out candles let loose fully in a traceless discovery,
Waiting stillness of her silent oceans, gazes his arrival in patience,
Hitting from an unknown geography, he makes a starry presence,
Spreading oneness of their flaming territory never in regression…


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