those t-h-r-e-e words


Slapstick << between their actions >> caught( )
under-cover pelting of pointer words start….
over brass skulls ( immune they are, babe)
——- those three words ——-
a profuse amusement show,
hanging around small citrusy you ,
with media zeal you broadcast !

disinvolved ?
unevolved ?

You dissect it repeated times –
that same flaccid rotten FRUIT
( ?!?)
Putrid figs in streaked-coloured wigs ,
Hissing temper of acrid fumes ,
bubbles+shoots up +disappears+reforms
sum up its = corr(ugat/os)ion
over naked onion surfaces .. those party animals!
held in a soup only in your talks
yet numbness veins runs
shameless show than
those street-side red flesh night displays!

Soothes sense buds , the decaying flavour ..
snacky delicacy of little senses..
a tea-time colloquial teaser,
despite sudden sting of disperse –
those disarrays – risky maggots !
get stuck as they suck their lust
—- salival glistens ——
over your

Sacs of worm-kissed filth is your SMILE
Hilarious host you are ! Thriving death on lethal mutation,
Oozes of black tears clogged in each honest citrusy pores ,
Dry cracked land patched with psoriasis are the only lores,
Fired back<< like a bOOmerang, a missile of a deadly biowarfare,
Karmic cycles(*) ever a check mate ,
Stage ## Gate entry ~~ you have for what you deserve
Just be happy! Yours may be much lenient than those “animals”

At least now …
those three words- for you ,
Its sure not I Love/Hate You ,
Comedy of Errors –is what the sta(t/g)e is ..


P.S : An experimental seeking leniant reading & honest feedbacks 🙂


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