Mind of Madness


Short to and fro journey daily ,
tearing across like a fading comet ,
this lonely me take a lonely trip,
through that stuffy sandwiched
medium – those noise packed,
spiced up variegated emotions
like sprouting wild mushrooms ,
facing out on on either side of what?
insipid rows or edges of the world?
Cannot define .. but its silenced to dullness
dressed rich with sophistication,
yet topped up with smiling plasticity .
Those untiring murmers and rumbles
from almost familiarised passerby faces
speeding fast like opposing trucks in
bare ruthless highways laid down
like a militarized robotic regime…
Only one tranquil face gazing
upwards and counting stars
catches my soulful attention…
Can capture a smiling Monalisa
drawn on her with a sprawling
salience of a deepened silence
added up with unexcited
permanence of liberated
ecstacy beyond all wordly
realization….like a long-living
turtle, she turns her eyes and mind
together with a slow yet steady ease of
absorbing focus …those splitseconds
of her observation evokes in me the strange
something..that I am her in many ways!
She , I believe , is my mind-twin,
She seems to be lost in floating winds,
She is named, tagged, called, yelled,
laughed at, secluded, whatever—as “mad”,
M.A.D. is then what we both are in all ways
Specific something alone cannot be a sole reason,
Short time stint of fury ever cannot bring this season,
Its a holistic living medium beyond material conquests,
Its a a prolonging continuum towards an elusive quest,
Those uncaptured corner cloud of rare mind calmness
Those unsought beam of sparkling eyes’ stillness
that incomprehensible smile worn on face even in pains,
that heart-out laughter on invisible humour hardly perceived
Mad are those who never feel lonely even in far-off islands remote,
Mad are those who feel dear ones ever around even if taken dead,
Madness is not losing oneself, but finding self in newness time & again!
And this Madness is the Infinite bliss in each minute unravelled unaware…


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