Yet another day ..
Just another day
Live another day..
Die another day
But its more than that T-O-D-A-Y !
Sharply remembered to FORGET traceless-ly!!

Novennial moment of utter acridity ,
Integrity it holds for others’ paired,
It’s that mismatched bygone grip,
That regretful suffocating self- trap,
Fakes of clutches got freed though knows this mind,
Bird of soul never to be undermined- slaved-shackled,
Air of freedom each breath of truth ever is the grave need ,
Wishful carriage of each other in every way is real marriage,
Bonds of passage eternal forms between two hearts synchronised,
Intangible yet indivisible, needs no glitters of anniversary celebrations,
Ever in mutual holds, thoughts and beats-ONENESS never theaterized,
Promising palms transferring golden warmth, lifetime walk in rainbow gardens,
Few destined such real-time offerings–for single souls’, it’s only an utopian fantasy .


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