"A Transformation seen as she traverses..All through a struggle to a final SPECTACLE..a staggering journey indeed as she embraces her SPACE !"

Tiny speck of a ROBUST mass,
Static ball in a steady stream,
Fluid flow of a winged angel,
Spears through dark vacuum EXPANSE..

Silence of space feels vibes of HER spin,
A click, a jerk of flash on HIS inert veil –
A forgotten link caught in resumption ,
A co-joint celestial event in reckoning,
Spatial acquisition of her fertile solidity ,
Debatable existence of his unsurfaced small
heart – NO MORE now, a blink of revealing LIGHT !

Pours like a linear sheath,
he forms an encircling wreath,
Flows to a realized shield of stance
around her devoted wall..

A blinding glow of binding orbit
around her planet- an unknown state,
Zone of pure elements in a
constant-unstoppable- admirable exchange..

Intensely fused nucleates floating freely
within the marked halo miracle ,
Refined defining, a studded new identity ,
an eternal visage, a MEANING,
Stands apart from any disappearance,
shining ever than North sky Polaris.

Digging an RCA of this eventual spectacle,
may be NASA or any media might broadcast a vivid message —

Intense pull of gravity of a SIMPLE speck…Yes!
Erupting flares, crackling sparklets its inner holds,
Yet static ball traverse as display of TOTAL control,
Amidst its but inherited centric chaos of
passion in unclassified Brownian motion,
Mission of space is her ONLY projection,
Routed affinity factors in precise action,
A staggering course from a distant universe ,
Colliding into (t)his destined draining space,
Bearing meteoritic fissions all through her way
Consumes to an embracing fusion of discovery,
Completes to a new-born cyclical orbit initiation,

A META-MORPHE –a wedded planet in observation.


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