Observational Poems : TIMELESS BEAUTY ( Time stands still comp : Deep Underground Poetry Community


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Observational Poems : TIMELESS BEAUTY ( Time stands still comp : Deep Underground Poetry Community.

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A mere scene had she been reduced….

Scattered traces of stories untold
in bits and pieces hangs around fresh,
shattered remains of bygone intimacy
held in her deep immersed eye’s captivity..
Darkness evokes her melting sketchy outline,
unbroken radium dull glow of apparent pining,
holds inner a widowed silhouette of acute sadness..

A melancholic cacophony she hears to all…

Crashing sounds of orphaned mind’s outcry,
turbulent waves of rupturing thoughts lashing
in those shocked shores of clotted memories,
Spiralling like a hunted stingless wasp, inside her
jetlagged time zones-collapsing now are her
pleading grey cells out of repeated rewinding,
vainly in several tries of freezing those warm times…

She smells like a sea-breeze of saddened saltiness…

Taste buds numbed to forgotten hungriness,
inner small tongue bloated by inhaled loneliness,
Her craving digestive juices haplessly breaks down
her hard-swallowed avalanches of colliding pains ,
Filling in each of her minute pores with crystal loads,
mounds of absorbing tragedies are these pebbled salts ,
Windy blows tells salty tales of laborious longing love…

She stands frozen like a deity of unexplainable agony….

Mummified almost with a sapless body shrivelling fast,
Brittle is she becoming , crumbling to pieces if touched,
Holding her impossibly together is her relentless inner will,
Beating steadfast with an unmatched harmonious rhythm,
Pulling up all her bodily inertia to a lively chrysanthemum,
A miraculous realm of unending hope is her survival theme,
Time bends before her, misses its beat a minute with a beam !


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