Pre-Script : "Happiness is destined…rather self-made, destined in various colours ..sometimes wears a wicked mask , sometimes a switch of change ..two scenarios I ponder here 🙂"

Happiness (= wicked mask)
is a blind mind’s MAAYA,
is an absorbing jugglery ,
is a whirlpool of life-taking miseries,
is a narcisstic jerk’s valentine gift,
is a theatrised play of sarcastic sadists,
is an ecstatic summit for innocent puppets-
threads cut off by flirts for suicidal freefall ,
is a split-second linger one repents forever,
is an inertial spell cast by maniac serial killer-
a gleeful static state before a silent slaughter ,
is the lunatic moon’s targeted gravity on tranquil
oceans-arousing tides they cause in neutral seas,
Plutonian shores are a better bet to this nebulous
world of Neptunian blues full of quicksand pitholes.

Happiness is (= Switch of Change)
an instant switch of unimaginable on-going mutation,
makes one a resolved rising wall of concreted mountain ,
an amorphous free-flow of sand you suddenly wide expand,
climb like a risk-taking trekker in a life-taking jungle expedition ,
fall-down like a total submission blanket of docile grazing pastures
spurt and unleash killing spree of dark-intangible bare inner desires,
hold together into a singular serene composure of ancient saintly integrity,
Freudian champion you feel , penetrating each one’s understanding lucidly,
Strange case of Jekyll and Hyde one wonders, ever an enigma to be unravelled,
Switch so fluctuating in hepta-seconds is this impulsive iron-headed happy wave ,
Yet you cannot pick the ON and OFF with a fingery flick,
It’s only the CREATOR’S cursor click …


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