A direct hit as
I torqued down ..
target was my upper
forehead on the left,
naive so stainless steel taphead
hit this thought-immersed wet head now..
Signalled network of alarming pains
felt instant- right heel and cochleal jitters
and the worst,-the whole hind left head
in traumatic tremor, inner pain like bleed !

Oh LOrd! May nothing happen to my Mahanada –
the divine vibration chakra -the melody point
of my soul rhythm! My Sacred Thalamus-
Let you secrete constantly those divine fluids —
for those Will of God and Consiousness
you hold in all its incessant fluidity..
For you encompass within you my Soulful Love –
showering the princely priceless love of my prince !
I need to be in his very hold n togetherness this earthly stint,
For it shall anyway continue ever our journey till ageless infinity,
Sacred Thalamus my Divine! Hold me ever like a Cheerful Flower !


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