Nascent buds of
navigating undefined
freedom was this rebel
born from the worshipped
womb of plight-less placenta ,
imbibing in each zealous pores,
those immersed tranquil fluids
of indelible sequence of hard-core
truth spliced in a sublime manner !

Rebellion did this grew, for those
earthly faked up glitters stuck up
vainly with hysterical hypocrisies
still ruling with autocratic arrogance !
Fire inner ever sharp with spirited flame ,
even its silence stand with glowing resolve
burnt those mocking spiders and chattering
chameleons to dustful of charcoal remnants.

Still ,the order of the day awaits ancient written
Gospel –Dawn of the Sun of Truth, for Planets
wavering needs an awakening pull for their
very survival , an expected disciplined rotation ,
Will their suicidal criss-crossings stop ever ?

Rising from almost a meditated fossilized sleep
in an outrageous avatar. shrugging its gigantic
feathered eye-blindening flashy robust plumage,
thundering the cosmos with its deafening flutters,
the dinosauraus Archeopteryx has finally risen !

The first bird and the last bird would it be – once
and again taking its warrior flight in the high skies..
Fakeness of existences, secured in decorated roofs,
disguised in glamorous cosmetic masquerades,
a finale approaching with a final ultimatum given …
A final moment for a realized change , can it happen ?
Now, speak out for a day from the bottom of hearts ,
Face to face is what is now the demand, no hideouts !
Sunrise waits for its much-awaited sustenance battlefield..
Truth will prevail and pervade, here is divine bird determined,
Trivial- sarcastic-arrogant lies gets eliminated, bird delighted.


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