Reaching Summit


Wilting base of glazing icy peak ,
sucking even scarcity moist eyes,
Whrrrs and whoosh of dreary winds
tearing temples across cheeks so pale,
longened whoooops of a stranded bird,
shrilling chillness gripping upper earlobes ,
dropless desert of throat swallowing hard,
loud twitches of eyes- flutter of butterflies,
ulcerating bososm hotness hitting backhead,
zooming glooms, chaotic mind floats in haziness,
Shining noon as wiping shields, travel kickstarts,
tracherous shrubs and hiding bushes readily startle,
nauseating heights sickening doses of blocked heaviness,
inversely growing fabric of rarified air, nyloned in thinness ,
trails of gasping nostrils, bronchi shreiks of constant coughs ,
eroding body margins to sluggish pace, taking toll you stand tall-
Watchful summit sitting atop, amidst bountiful pleated snowy skirt,
Silence of white storm settled on your tightened numb lips,
Grimacing face telling tales, still you are the envisioned dream,
Enlivening each tissues is the touch of your snow-clad summit,
Spell out your longing tales ,as I rig you out of iced rigor mortis,
Ah! Mountain honey are your ageless words now in converse,
As you freeze me now by timeless mellifluous tunes I yearned !


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