I am your severe love-sought refugee dwelling your soul-house asylum,
I am your rescued queen from savagely howling fateful blue jackals,
I am the only inner YOU, you are the only inner ME ,
My YOU is in my healthy heartful safer greener havens
Your ME is in the threat of something unheard unknown?
Am I in pained numbness, missing warmth beat of love?
Am I transformed reptilian chill, wounded bloody terrible?
Am I irreversibly stiffening hard, tender heart meat eaten?
Am I intricately grief-stricken, trachea in pitiless strangulation?
Am I brazenly dragged out on dust on a death trail? On what grounds?
All that we both wished were a togetherness survival, a lovely revival.,
All in us are indeed harmonious intact, now why is this sudden testing trial ?


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