Never an audition of its grits in silence required ,
Never a tedious short-lived surface ripple it is!
Never a hitch or a glitch or trenches of alien grip,
can make its strenous sounds of inner resolve dissolve ,
Never an assumed wavering reef of unhumane time
and presumed notions of curious sharks and lashing fins,
can absorb into its entirety of its pervious plinth fathomless,
Never the narrowed visions of probabilistic dimensions
and calculative crashes predictive in maneuvered spaces–
delivers meaning in this reigning truth of spaceless realm ,
Pillars of temporal constructs formed by disdainful concepts,
Vainlessly dissipates veiled arrogance by its stated permanence,
Splashing in ringing resonance,penetrates into each consiousness,
Truth deep impregnated sees emergence in shining elegance,
Opaqueness siliceous plinth soaring out as shimmering mirrors !


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