Sparrows of Sandglass


Humming heathery sparrow
hovering in over-shadowed
dusky skies of swollen pain,
dusty clouds never bursting,
casting an indeible illusion of
deep-struck eerie silhoutte to
curious tentacled ground snails ..

Humming heathery sparrow
lilting tune is not a cuckoo
chirpy gleeful cheery note
mirthful mistiness magical
it spread unbiased fragrance
tearing across daring altitudes
rhythms echoing all multitudes..

humming heathery sparrow
chorus choir wishes came true
friendly flocks of similar feathers
trails of highly unsung happiness
heaped as purity white foaming puffs
telling scripted tale of deep-bonded cuffs
icy foam a frozen dough, yet bonds intact.

humming heathery sparrow
encounter enthralling lifetime,
pink-throated mighty humming bird,
swift and swinging with you in grace,
diving roaring seas, skiing rough contours,
measuring fathoms of endless sky horizons,
Puzzling now to realize if its a dream flight!

humming heathery sparrow,
mountains of silence in calling ,
leave the dreamy distant rainbows ,
solid abode of eternal saintly peace,
waiting in the lap of dream detachment,
Take a lapse from this facing blue book,
Ochre holy hues to meditate for a while!


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