Forward : Pun intended write n brandnames used not to attack/advertise 😉

Puzzling christening it is…
Painter the genius Picasso,
Housed humbly in Mi Casa ,
Born the trendy blend Picasa ,
But, not for the windows giant MS pAINT,
Swish digital the Google bagged it though,
Funky features made each one look like
Fairy flambuoyant, rarely outlandish too 🙂
Crispy cropping made all jaws droping,
Red eye reduction made all eyes flaming,
Saturation, desaturation left all flawless,
Sepia, black & whites made everyone Classics,
Fill colour, auto-contrasts-watz the natural colour?
Other options too ever attacked, invariably Photo-shopped!
Oh! Frustated,dejected,debilitated by these glaring fakeness,
Wanna see everyone tearing their vibrant virtual masquerades,
Wanna really meet the real people,wish screens come live alive,
Mind in deep meandering -pondered, wondered & finally decided,
Gandhi’s words-Be the change that you wish to see in the world,
Strongly, wilfully,voluntarily inner conscience resonating loudly,
Direct Marketing strategist Dell’s Webcam spotlessly assisting ,
Natural snaps daringly ventured, issued with all risks 2 my Darling!
Cross-fingered now! Will his face wrinkle or ever smiles sprinkle ?
But be sure that most of our filmy-filled eyes will never twinkle !


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