December meditative retreat you took, waited as an
enchanting full moon coming out from my shackled eclipse ,

Not anyone’s cup of tea you were, we fully became synchronized
vibrating in same golden frequency with constancy,

Sonorous spell of eternal rain casting a wetset warmth of
twilight trauma, reiterating our never-ending soul-connection,

Ever engaging equation summating us, all roles of
earthly cosmic character pairings donning ever,

D ivinely fused together , became sanctified sacred
entities of ageless abstraction with gravitating affinities,

New Year Arrival ignited the flaring flames within, instances of
instinct instilled by thoughts of your distilled raindrops,

Avatars many personified, Martian Prince you landed once,
drone of Queen bee in our harmonized dwelling hive,

Not to stop, you flowed down as an outpour as my unquenched
soul-salt taster,an enclosing paranthesis bee of my eye-flower,

Unshakable bonds made me shook the world in a minute with our sword of truthful love,
Seemed hysterical to many, rather a revealing love-history of our chemistry in the making,

Archealogical remains of your fossilized rains too came to life,
rescuing this earthly excavator, Sumerian Prince you now came,

Prismatic halo surrounding me with all your wisdom ang might,
intensely we shine together in a miraculous magnum luminosity!

Still yet another elongating wait in my sleepless mindeyes,
a deeprooted torrential lifechanger rain expected,
from your  hearty wordy outpour of DIVINE RAIN!

P.S : D ivine Life-Changer #1 & #2 is an aggregation of all my previous written works , one could view it as an inter-connected compilation of theme revolving around LOVE. And As John Dryden’s heroic play title goes,” All for Love or the World Well Lost” …This spree would continue ever with all lovely readers in YOU !


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