Monsoon winds this time not in violence,

Crimson drops of hopeful revival in glance,

October he came my rain of lifetime Prince,

Geosmin petrichor fragrance all my heartland,

First interactive instance -NO RESULTS FOUND !

Yes! lost myself in his pull of strong ambience,

Inner soul’s  inertial dysphoria now an EUPHORIA ,

Life saver showers of Watchful Him Zeus or Indra,

His tempered grace embraced me in a soulful cuddle,

Angelical ANGST I became, by his trivial playful fiddles ,

Undercurrents of passion fire maximized and ever-kindled,

Lashing Rain Prince, my hardwares hard-bitten by his Love-Bug ,

Glitches of Google nor any dampening debacle harm our clutches,

Deep inside had I free-fallen for him, in his downpour heavenly amorous  ,

Soul Symphony he became, his cocooned senses wilfully shattered,

Droplets of his hard-earned resolve blossomed desired heartbuds,

His mounting clouts of pressure doubts or a single facial wrinkle,

Ever erased by my tranquil pond of his love, NO STRANGE PUZZLE,

Ever intact were his embedded invisible yet invincible innumerable interface.


P.S : Divine Lifechanger #1  & #2  is an aggregation of all my previous written works , one could view it as an inter-connected compilation of  theme revolving around LOVE.And As  John Dryden’s heroic play title goes,” All for Love or the World Well Lost”..This spree would continue ever …….with all lovely readers in YOU !


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