Emotional ocean seating
simmering silent bottom
yet a tranquil wholesome !
No doubting this dear friend…
Human errors ,trials and
tribulations of noisy bubbles
down beneath is but natural!
All for a causative streamlined
final flow ,cyclical wave it is.

Web of intricately knotted
complex thoughts entangled
to maximum complications,
are but destined my friend…
Readymade solvable templates
are noone available globally,
like a raring bull full of boldness ,
just hit ans miss the targets seen,
defend and defeat one by one-
All whom you meet in your survival
circle, its scoring a final bull’s eye,
uncrowned victorious gladiator ever !

Balanced invincible intuitive mix
of emotions and thoughtful actions
I hold my friend ! Dont ever doubt…
I am but an ordinary looking human ,
yet with a holy power of cosmic heavens!
Blinded and deafened by angry impulsive
pulses and given to whispered foxy rumours,
momentarily blocked in senses you are !
I know you by depths of heart my friend….
All the tumultous tributaries and
ravaging runs of boisterous rivers,
should finally drain into the salience
of silent sea and liberating oceans!


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