A short trail of lightening flicker,
falling like a hyped dream encounter,
Springing himalayan hopes and mounting
buoyant pressure, thrills all that we treasure,
Infinital faith space bundled in severe burns
of your shine, yet infinitesimally you disappear,
Miraculous messenger of change, falling fakeness
of a disguised shining star, yet an auspicious harbinger,
Showcase of a die-hard survivor, sustaining burns still
hit the grounded target, in pitiful tit-bits of dusts and rocks ,
Shooting star you are! Fuelling our souls with your cosmic
remains so divine, rightful Meteorite-hearty crater is all you create!


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  1. HI Eriv! Sorry lot of typo in my feedback above….read it as below..
    Yeah Eric! Thanks fr the ur beautiful memorable n touching lines….very demanding ask in the end..seems so simple yet..its the ALL …BLINK holds the LIFE..the love..the beat ..the rhythm..evrything!.

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