In darkness of realization and evolution hideout ,  
An aura of amorphous sunshine sands waits nearby; 
Ivy honeyed deceptions dancing in trapping webs, 
Stealthy nectarine-sucking flirty flying Monarchs, 
Flashy yellows yet spitting poisonous milkweeds,
Deep heart engraved Sumerian Prince in all shields,
Infinite vanity dusts they lay from his wisdom sword ,
Goodwill Norse angels hailing nearby with love showers,
Truthful warrior and the son of soil praying in all fervour,
Robinhood bravehearts fighting silently for the noble cause,
Optimistic hall of fraternal ambience welcoming goodness,
Melting romantic purity-certified hardcore ghee a divine buffer,
God’s own land’s amicable youthful networks ever garnered,
Spiritual dips cleansing soul,throbbing heart in HIS passionate love.

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