Blindfolded in deserted darkness in destined solitude,

Expedition in an excavating mysterious Sumerian remains , 

Inner soul lantern lead the righteous way even in bruises  ,  

  Monolithic statue of Prince of her previous births and ever –  

A priceless possession hold her hands to sway all life’s journey , 

 A sudden slip in a ‘death -pit’, a sprinkle of spurious dark glowworms ,  

 Her  romance in a little cue did she whisper to those prying tiny fliers , 

 Glowworms so dark weren’t they ever, death head moths predacious ,

Hitting hard her head like a backstab, releasing her hold from Prince

Trying to fit in his charming hands so conscientious and firm ,   

 Smashed in his stony hands of fury, mercifully caged again in death-pit.




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