Digging daring depths in the

dry loosened red-sandy beds

of barren lost lands with

foxy claws of dust-packed

prying hungry nails in search

of wormy traumatic nematodes

kissing syringing death to buried

remnant last crop of sweetly wilted

sugary beets in a seeming lost out battle

of masked x-men origin acquisition , lying 

tombed in grave pedestal with a cystic tower

of strangulating wolverines brimming out  

soul-dissolving acridity juicy enzymes,

still bleeding surviving bits of gladiator

tissues in gallant revolting handling an

assaulting gift of pleasantly smelling defeat

in hands with moistened goodies of savior

actinomycetes spreading feelgood flavour

saving the devastated  lesioned amorphous vast-land

to a clumpy rebellious fertile heaven of feminine fragrance.


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