Transient existential determined tabernacles,

Morphs diversified, sheer compatible alleles,

Fate shuffled recent past yet sparking flickers,

Presented randomly favorable pairing probability,

Virtual integration fastening to adjacent actualities,

Overlapping factualities, synchronous faculties,

Intensely fused  inseparable truthful intangibilities..


Mortal mind-shackled abound emission frequencies,

Smoky haze, frenzied spaces with ramshackled fences,

Burdened, battered bricks with delusionary stained walls,

Pinned-hope solid faith precursors elegantly in emanation,

Catalytic blissful lasers in mutual zooming coupling ebullience,

Ground tackling exquisitely at ease, cracking heart fragilities,

Hacking growling jackals , free flights of graceful rusty grackles….


Upper-automated moderating air clearances, chaotic atmospheres,

 Bursting self-doubt cloud dusts , purity showers of ageless submission,

Smoothened dream runway ,green pastures of sprouting progenies,

Future substratum geared up, celebrity landing of celestial bonds…..


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  1. Eric,yeah its called Henna or Mehendi (in Urdu/Hindi) ..
    In Tamil (my mother tongue),its called Marudhani 🙂
    Its those finely ground leafy paste of Cypres herb/egyptian priven ..

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