An awakening “Shivratri” holy-night ,
A happening birth of this Janus Sunday ,
Auspicious spiritual pre-dawn hours,the darkest,
Mystic atmospheric carriers of “Brahma” aspects,

Ear-pleading symphony, a oneness celebration,
An unceasing harmony touching parched heartland,
Lashing out ecstatic outpour of diverse mingling pair,
Hazy love-clouded seeds in her transforming
tryst with his crazy hot seductive vapours,

Steamy-Solid fusion oozing out beyond all boundaries,
Instantly born innumerable infant cries reaching its Mother Earth !


there are some usage of sanskrit words above:
shivaratri-means auspicious night awakened for attaining Lord Shiva ,as per Hindu Religious beliefs;
Brahma-Lord of Creation as per Hindu Religious beliefs

Would like to add this beautiful defining verse too :
The veil between the things that are seen/ and the things that are unseen/ becomes so thin/ as to interpose scarcely any barrier at all/ between the eternal beauty and truth/ and the soul which would comprehend them./ Professor John. S. Hoyland~ describing moment of pre-dawn-Brahma-Muhurta


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