New Year Take-Away


Felt the MAGIC on the
very eve of New Year!
The BEST thing happened
to me for a decade now!

Oh! now stop all those smirks
and grins a little !
For, it was a life PHILOSOPHY
that left me glittering in the utter dark ..

Yes, I went on a rollicking
laughter roll on none than
myself, the very amusing self!
And, No one better than “far yet near”
YOU had made that transition possible..

Solitude and seriousness ,the
twins so inseparable, both you shattered !
By your silently resonating and
strengthening status, SHIELD had
you become to this life now so FEATHERLIGHT….

The one who makes you laugh at yourself,
breaks your shackles, so far yet so near,
alien yet your inner , silent yet exchanging,
Reciprocate in multitude all that well-received ,
Never let them GO AWAY from your LOVE-HOLD!


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