What’s so strange

about STRANGE…

Well, It has a scary

staggering start

rather than a free-flow

of shiny starry glow,

As you drive across,

it gravely starves you

of sparsely innate

feelgood factors,if any,

you have by genes or luck,

As you somehow get to its

gloomy gyrating centre,

it quickly forays to

sickly strangulate you

of your braveheart,

creeping in its freaky

fonts of dark fearfulness ,

As you take a flight

run to flee past its

screamingly haunting

cornering dead-end,

you are hunted down

to a lifeless zombie,

thrown out dirtily as a

fully flawless weirdo…

Sense NOW the maze of

this silent STRANGE,

embrace the needed

grace to fully amaze

this UNKNOWN tease.



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