Live Life Freestyle :)


Is this my ‘dime’

which was my

prime that very

frame of time

when I rhymed

like wind-chime,to

talk the walk and

also walk the talk

the n-number of

times in big-Ben’s

grave real-time,and

cozy winged-up

winter bed-time,and

tricky tagged-in

written word-time,

lemme give up this

think the tank and

tank the think, for

deep the dusty dig I

rig the twisty twig ,

the stinky pigs of

nasty heady wigs

basks like a flash,

dash out of masks

their foggy mists

of dusky-musk over

my eyes’ crystal cask,

now frisk out those

cloggy husks from

fine grainy thoughts

of pure ivory tusks,

But lemme tell you

dear-o-dear and

near-o-near and

far-o-far, the brief

of life is both knife

and nice- simmer

and glow, uber and

flow, dance and a bow,

so let it all go the go in

a dark and rainbow row,

for all that now  I know ,

life bucks up n clicks at times,

but almost sucks like acrid limez,

flips you up with lotta dicey flops..

So lets ever sing the needy song of

both weepy bleeds and ray of hopes …

it takes an equally hard-work

day for a ‘hard’-(y)earned night,

Lets once again getta back into

the busy-bashy-messy-mashy,

happy-poppy-zappy-crappy LIFE 🙂


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