That linear bottom-most sanguine stream

of deep Atlantic ocean current She is,


Silken smooth saintly flow, humming

secretly only his swiftly arousing name,


Meditating her mind hard, still lingering

ecstatically by his passionate words,


Workaholically travelling over the dull and vast

monotonous benthic and coral stretches ,


Curiously ever trying to catch a hugging glimpse

of his dictating masculine abrasive breezes,


Her mighty Easterly Wind-Man , promisingly ever

following her over chattering surface ripple cousins,


Never has she shunned even his trivial igniting blows

or deep-firing swirls of kindling gyres,


Tenaciously flowing towards the fluorishing Florida

shores for her toppling resurface ,


Yielding herself to his violently roaring trials of

unceasing cyclonic blows over the rocky cliff backgrounds.



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