Juz Wanna Share tis bit of Happinez:)


Just wanna share the happiness  that my Poetry could make inway with  three other Prestigious Poets, in  Destiny Poets Jan 11th Exhibits at Wakefield !!’ Cheers Louis Kasatkin & All Poets @ Destiny www.destinypoets.co.uk

The note from them :

…As you may be aware,Destiny Poets will in partnership with Destiny Church,be inaugurating a dedicated exhibition space in the church main public hall/foyer for the sole purpose of exhibiting represenattive examples of the work of Destiny Poets’ on-line registered authors.The Mayor of Wakefield,Councillor Ms.Ros Lund accepted our invitation to officially inaugurate “Poets’Corner” on Jan.11th at 11 a.m. Thereafter,every 3 weeks or so, 4 different poets will have examples of their work on show.The first four poets to be invited to be exhibited are@Johanne Gallagher@Keith Wallis@Madhumita Ghiosh@Umarani Jayaraj


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