Just not trying to remove the ruling ageless notion recorded ever,
Also not attempting to rewrite the most-fitting genuine genders,

Reversal of an universal assumption, nay a new postulate,
Still never changing their love equation, only a poetic correlate,

Her limitlessly sprawling pliable dermatic layers, soft and fluffy,
Her blue lilac body facial, white rouge cheeks & clouded spots ,

His magnetic core attracting her to a madly enveloping
circumference, their kissing horizons a passionate testimony,

He’s sometimes angrily moved and shaken by her widening
distance, tectonc shift of jawplates & tremors he sends out,

Her abstract mind and emotional existence, is beyond any
encapsulation, You Muscular mortal man-She is elusive & eternal,

Declared the ever-engaging love in all scriptures & literatures,
No denying that, Earth and Sky- Ever ever made for each other,

True love equilibrium is what you preach by your amazing stance,
Best ever love is elusive and eternal, only soul-eyes are in unison,

I again wanna stress the new-revealing gender, take it or not!
Earth is the He-man Magnetic & Sky is the She-lady Elegant!!


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