Diamond dewdrops with their million sparkling

thought facets, mostly haunting,

Diligently harnessed from your victimized oozing atrium

and those enslaved crystal gazings,

Mechanical master-mentor alarmed those anticipated disasters

of  heart-sabotage by gimmicky gamesters…


Blinded from reasons- worldly those wise say,  ‘logic & pragmatic’,

Fastened by fallible notions – poorly we fools say,’ love & faith’,

Yielded self to their bountiful plunders – masked by,’tremendous trust’,


Bleeding solitary reaper, incompatible

in this field of blossoming infidelity,

Crippled by honeyed betrayals,  humped

by graceful dumpings, limping your last leg

of meany race with sheer disgrace, soothing

those poison ivy eyes with icy-coolant mints,


Echoing in black-hole vacuum , symphonies

crowning you the chosen angelic messenger,

Proclaiming are these ardently following fighting

souls and  winged-cherubs of Cosmic Heavens!

Bleeding dew drops trailing your way accumulate 

to humanely salty yet sacred sublime spots…


Trillion seeds of truthful abstracts

deep-embedded in eternal soul fertile,

ever-dispersing the essence of its fruitions

even in each exhalings ,bearing wholesome

flavours of–  frozen heaps of innocent hope,

lingering loads of honest love,unfathomable

depths of uniting faith, springing sparklets of

twinkling tears–all but Subsets of the Singlet

Abstract from the Grandeur Godly Abode,


Carry on the baton of this enlivening 

MIRAGE of eternalised abstracts– You 

Chosen Selfless Wandering Messenger !

Dampened and disillusioned  programmed

robots are left in the greedy larch of materialistic

realities – those corsped grounded Passengers !




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