An unalarmed calmful awakening,    a coolant

Parijath night eyes bursting in profound innocence,


Radiating life-warmth was even her inanimate

mirroring, reflecting a golden glow on her statued face,


 Staring with a halting attention, the reddish KumKum

in her third eye divine now were burning flares of holy fire,


 Flaming edges facing upper abstract ways, a showcase of a

shyful bridal face emerging out of her very first encounter,


 Perfect were these tantalizing twilight omen, clairvoyant catalyst

of holy perceptions  were his ‘rock-bottom heart spading’ decibels,


Its envisioned enroute in-roads to the soul’s concentric core,

a fountainous fairy sleep calming the long-hauled raging senses,


 Asymmetric holy hash of forehead Kumkum revealing

a galactical celestial gathering, hailing their intimacy in silence,


 Noble truths of immortalized survivals of sacred Rishis and Munis

 clocking centuries, metabolizing solely the breathed in ‘air ‘vital,


   Sanjeevani, the death revoking, life evoking magical mythological

Herb seemed to be an existing reality, illogical fatals too have reversals,


Musical sounds with its targeted pitches and lingering rhythms

evolved  foremost to languages, the very debatable Darwinian notion,


 All now staggeringly believable to her sweetened soul & fluidized mind,

an undeniable testimonial to uplifting transitions was his sonorous spell,


 Uproarious impoverished vagabond mind, pacified by a heavenly sound sprinkle,

Inner echoes recalling their soul connection from previous births until a starry abode….

P.S:    There are some usage of Sanskrit Words in this poetry,namely-
Parijath(Flower called Night Jasmine),
KumKum(Holy Red Ash& Turmeric Mix ,kept on Third Eye Region of forehead-tradition in Hindu Culture ),
Rishis & Munis–Refer to Sages & Seers
,Sanjeevani..Mythologically refered in the Hindu Epic Ramayana–a Death Revoking Herb that brought back Lord Rama to Life,by efforts of Hanuman.

I found these words if used would give the genuine cultural touch…International audience,I request you to Google a  minute for these terms to get fixed in detail (if needed) to context 🙂 Sorry for any inconvenience dearzz!


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