Greedily sucked off the vast miraculous water-pools…

last drop dripping over this shiny scale once you adored,

See this struggling fish…its last sadistic survival dance…


Rapidly vacuumized the abound abstractive atmosphere ..

suffocating those gasping nostrils and shrinking trachea ,

once your bosom entwined ,hanged off to its earnest euthanasia…


Imperviously blanketed gigantic shade over my Sun you became..

To deprive me of its love-emitting rays with its kissing warmth..

Once you showered unconditionally, see my soul-green wilting…


Deservingly I accept your willful ordeals my bewildered beloved,

Still will I pervasively survive in your clarified heart, for realized

when you turn towards me, tango with my eternal soul sublimed…


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