Finely polished deathly pain-mirroring steel finish,

precision dissecting tools of merciless penetration,

digged out vehemently from the army-disciplinal stacked up

emotion-less German-make fitting racks, haphazardly pulling out

those humanely-servicing cylindrical bundled packs of hypocritically tender

fine-cotton brutally blood-absorbing naked dressing pads ,unforgetfully fishing out

those saintly bottled agents of tranquilising sterility with cyclonic swirling sounds,



Precariously postured  the fatefully tampered self subject

in the bloodily painted tarnished walls of uncanny accuracy

reflecting the flawless disgrace ,christened act of ritualistic,

wilful weeding of inner pessimistic rotten woods of  mental

wilderness , invaded by divine interference with trivial spots

of innocently sprouted greenish flushes of  heartful herbs, 



Partial euthanasia with erratic acceleration ,a skilfull piercing

out of those embedded weeds of heavenly hearts out of those

ravenous woods,  murderous grin shimmering wickedly on those

robotic glass beads of simulated humanoid eyes , now retreating

back  to the cannibalistic cubicles of mechanical existence , all well set

hardware of a pathetically pathogenic mindset and a sinfully putrid

placebo soul , deciphering the automatically encrypted mission of

delicately deceiving those moral mortals dominatingly brimming

with the bodily humour of their antilife innocence -love codons .



Adept quick procedures of sickening SuperHumans well in booming

play ,a silent spectator of Majestically Crowned and Spacely Throned

in all eyes to these manly massacre, His new world order travelling in

lightening speed across zillion light years, transmuting the susceptibly

slayed tiny hearty mortals into an unimaginable breed with benign blend

of robustly drastic Immunity  with passionately flowing implacably

dominant crimson prowess of ruling innocence and sustaining love…



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