Now that a double trouble brewing or is

that an added extravagant pleasure treasure?


Haunting hours of twilight with an outrageous

overbearing of riddling dejavu thoughts,


A lion’s roaring and raging heart of passion,

erodingly subjected to corroding aqua regia,


Hermetically holding the concreted essence

of his double distilled submersive draughts,


Untenably sedimenting and heaving the heavy heart,

no signs of her  masterly grey matter  in action,


 “Hello there house owner upstairs!  Are you

in stoic demeanour or susceptibly in silence?”


A dangling blank facial interrogation lingering

across, reflexive action in immediate effect,


Tendril fibrillating fingers all in a gherao around

the very lifeline – mechanical cellular gadget,


Playing piano like Jelly Morton albeit no Wolverine

Blues, typing  love-tinged  hearty alphabets,


 Chelating to fresh lease of breathing words,

shadowing those deep struck, suffocating emotions,


Earnestly launch padded it to the “haunting” him

with a sensual touch click of the “send” button,


 Wet-set  willow heart aching for  its endearing  

sculptor’s crafty reply , evolving miles away,


   Quick-freezing her to a happiness block, his

earnest ringing resonance making deep way,


Mellifluously midst the razoring backdrop of

ear-tearing pitches of welding sound surround,


Mesmerizing arrows of long-pined sonorous

wavelengths piercing to her soul’s zygotic unison ,


Cleansing her senses like a rapid rejuvenating

 panacea, a heavenly harmonizing Pranic Yoga,


Uplifting hardened spirit to the unsaid verge of

peaceful bliss-a fairy sleep gripping her eye petals,


Unaware was she caught  in the tranquil dreams

refuelling  a great ‘josh’  to the battered  veins.


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    I am found there at Umarani Jayaraj (Account name)

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