Heavenly splashing singular dew drop

in a hot spring assuaging pool,


Timelessly devoting serenity surface,

agelessly waiting this sanguine fall,


Fertilizing interface devouringly ignited,

firing passion assassinating evils,


Wavy ripples triggering an encircling

mirage with torrential undercurrents,


 Contagion effect of a sizzling senorita

blooming out with a swishing surround,


Dripping trickles of aqua miraculously

massaging her invisibly yet invariably,


Consistent lukewarmish rinse rescuing her

changeover to a dozing darling so lazy,


Gripping hall’s mirroring coldness piercing

to the  deepest core of her palpable pores,


Springing a trembling eruption of magically

transient bubbles of speckled goose pimples,


Thanking Almighty! These are unfailingly

smaller to her oily facial P.acne signatures,


Blooming in her favourite romantic chorus,

strictly self-customized acoustic al  settings,


Seriously self-debated copyrighting them,

for their Pascal efforts in mood elevating,


Bastardly anyone or even Blaise Pascal can now

hardly trace mere presence of  any pressure clout.





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