“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They know what you  truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

Revolving mystery of the timeless Universe,

Ever cross or encircle your

petty mind miniscule?


Central consuming Dark Matter Cosmos,

ever ingress into your methodically

manipulating mind pool?


Life generating radiance of the Burning Helios,

ever emulated, by your fiercely

spewed synthetic sparklets?


Seeded Embryo in sacred womb by its magical placenta,

ever reconstructed righteously

by your messing up lab cultures?


Grossly achieving the decoding of inherited strands,

Leave you heady or at least  level-headed

with the Supreme Unknown?


Rationally fractionating all known entities  unto atomic singlets,

Now, give me the origin, breakdown of

bonding elements- Love,hope and Faith ..


Creative factory, natural chemistry, heavenly mystery, Divinely eternity ,

Are out of range for your narrow lane of logical industry-which is

Politically invested in breaking bonds and  dire depletion trajectory!

Will you ever stop this dangerously nature-poking, kindling, killing spree…


Awaken to your betterness, antidote is your love and intuition dependence,

Smallest probability still exists to save the fragile FUTURE,

With a single silver streak of remote possibility within US…


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