FFFF = First Flush of Fighting Fireball


Out of the box balls arising anonymously from top-notch Zenith,

Fallen cosmic fireflies’ shower with a staggering ram pressure, 

Magical germinal emergence of tender wondrous never-seen pair

Of incandescent green flush, springing with forgotten innocence,

Skeletal bearing of iron-reticulated lifelines of die-hard hope veins,

Jerk loaded with buffering love-synthetic, abhor-aborting units,


Mutated genetic sequences against the trapping glittery jitters

Of neighbourhood blooming of bragging red-spotted Rafflesia,

With its hidden testimonials of silently slaughtered host vines,

Smiling petals concealing its penetrated parasitic life suckers,

Odoriferous rotten blood of earth depleting hunts and stunts,

Evil designed mission stands terminated by this cosmic fire-flush!


Heavenly conspiracy of the Sublime Black Cosmos synergistically

Bonded with massive intellect and awesome acumen flawlessly,

Of superior aliens, perfectly infuriated by the destructive dacoity,

On a rampant weeding out mission of pervading parasitic existence,

Universally dispersing the meteoric fleets of fireball seed soldiers,

Plantlets delicately spewing out the dragonously designed flares,


Tracelessly uprooting the hypocritical parasites consuming innocence …


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