I am the Jeevi,

I am the Bhakta

I am the sequence

I am the continuum..

I am the curious search

I am the hymning prayer

I am the wandering saint

I am the barefooted traveller

I am the zestful devotion

I am the deep string hitting notes,

I am the jubilant ecstasy-

I am the trancing worshipper

I am the resolving meditation


Immortalised in me..

Through all the Janmas..

Figurine of the embedded You


You are the Maaya

You are the Portal

You are the template

You are the streaming tandem

You are the engaging endpoint

You are the eternal deity

You are the epitomized love

You are the holy pilgrimage

You are the calming salvation

You are the soul music I yearn to hear

You are the awakening idol

You are the absorbing sanctum

You are the culminating unison



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