With smiling green flushes,

the sturdy stout you are,

faced you downright and

poured  the warmth of breezy

shade ,with self-abandoned wings,

stood there like your consoling

guardian silvery oak angel tall fir,

delicately detached by my gentle

soft feminine touch , without

tearing you to an oozing being,

tempered wrinkling like an

honourable  euthanasia ,

screw-fastened those

lifeless  darkened shrinking,

act together I hastened

to pour my catalytic juices ,

relishing your seasoned

humbleness of curling well

to an orthodox compact round,

holding  your magical essence

of cherished alerting presence,

resurrected you were  to

energize by the very dip

in my holy hot water spring

and pure white blood offered;

The very demanding you

say nonchalantly, as I stare

irked indignantly,” I am not

everyone’s cup of tea”,

a subtle warning ,way to

my  hiccups suddenly shooting,

still I resist and persist like a

realized Siddhartha Buddha,

for my manifold pervasion  of

yours a completed permanence ,

And  I leave  you in no  menace

to  your immature rumble like a

buzzing bumblebee ,the flirty

nectary datings you frequent

are just instances to bring you

to my orbital’s golden frequency

with a guiding newborn  constancy.


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