Vertical chequered disillusioning earthly

desktop hung overboard the global greyed

grandeur- horizonless cirrocumulus canyon,

throttled to deadening silence, lachrymal

laden super clinging humidified filmy layer

threatened off its showering outburst,


visualized theatrical boards casting

haunted dusky hues, famished scarcity

of vibrant pastels, devilishly draped

with olive algal mossy spruces over

the dirtily soiled rooted holds sprawling

limitless biaxially, bearing a daring off

facade in multiple dimensions,


dotted randomly with solid placements

of motionless impudently meditating

grey winged angst chunks of  Greek

Aetois- like demi Trago herds, frozen

calmness exact mimicking a silent serial

killer prior an unleashed murderous spree,

weaponry etched with sharp pupil beads

laser- focussing with predacious precision,

breezy withers of dry leaf shrivels too not

escaping its empowered missionary vision,


this solitude revenue shunned loner

treading torpidly in an amnesiatic avenue

of frozen thoughts, entwined morbid arms

shields of faintly ticking bosom, shuddering

of foggy condensates ,nevertheless by the

otherwise creeping in killer instincts ,

zooming in for bloodied fleshy hunts,

traversing back like rocket speedy refractions,

those incongruent zeroed intersections

hastily retreating offended by the blanked up

message disastrously displayed Morse codes

of a crumpled ,irreversibly corrugated heart

holding up an emotionless  walking corpse,


Seismographic uprooting the holistic harmony

of even statued merciless mythological Aetios ,

hysterical mass fleeing in deafening chaotic

disarrayed clashes from a ghostly fallen soul revelation…


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