Autumn new moon

flooding those longing

love tides augmenting

your august arrival ,


Distilled lavender atomised

mistiness, thronging in the

darkened vacuum  of

your conspicuous absence,


Seasoned  maple sculpture

of my virgin voluptuous

carving, craving for your

tenderly rendering,

evoking my deep strings  ,


Cellulosic rhythmic cryptic

inscriptions fluttering

unattended sans those

curious pair of dictating eyes,


Frisky feline with dusky

thoughts ,meandering

my flushy meadows foxily,

to steel my cherished soul music,


Ascending  fogginess  fused

with aorta- choking freeziness ,

descending deep into  the

fuzzy animated passive faces,


Engines of Swatch Longines

feeling pressurized by the

innumerous  overturnings

of the  audacious audience

in a tug of war with patience,


Dreamy eyed  darling , deeply

collected to  Selene calmness

in sheer cocooned senses,

pupation does shatter by

many a resolved yearny existence,


Donning  unassuming yet

magnifying proportions

deservingly  ,destined

like a prophecy, awaken to

your potency  to  uniquely

create  this  soul symphony.


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