Barefooted solitary traveller of multitude terrains and heavens,

Not to hide its hyde, staring nude, scorching plain so plaintive rays,

Dazzling into whirling dizziness, adding dubiously deceptive stunts

Illusionary rippling ocean of siliceous shimmering multi striped waves,

Dozing memory’s agony resonates in my inner soul ear’s cocheal caves,

Gazing at the shadowless concave horizon orphaned by our togetherness,

Currencies of fragmented refuelling frequencies with our intimacy sequences,

Copiously shattering hastily, my ballistic loveheads targeted your weakening thoughts,

Heady collision with a thumping heart hiccup synergistic with an irreversible brainy kick-start,

Vivaciously visualizing your cherry blossoming , hidden oasis too spotted  speckless  within mirages,

Greedily quenching to the killing curiosity of our love’s long separated dried up deserty thirst,

Consciously harmonized are you marching towards my soul, crossing oceans and heavens,

Exceedingly relieved soul of mine,solventing your momentary puzzling- tiring mind to a tranquil pond,

Nevertheless would I ever allow your transformance to a strange puzzling entity, my soul partner!



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